Terms and Conditions of Aussie Essay Writer Website

1. Introduction

1.1. Welcome to Aussie Essay Writer Website! The following Terms & Conditions represent an Agreement between Aussie Essay Writer Website (hereafter “Company”) and the customer (hereafter “Customer”), as the user of this site (hereafter “Website”) and Company’s services, and set Customer’s access to and use of this Website.

1.2. The customers are to read the following Agreement before the usage of this Website and Company’s services. Making use of Website, Customer acknowledges that he or she has read, understood and agreed with these Terms and Conditions in full measure. If Customer indicates his willingness disagree with the terms herein, he is entitled not to use the services of Company or visit this Website.

2. Vocabulary

“Customer” is the user of the Website who makes an Order for the Company’s services in order to obtain the Product as per to his or her requirements. Customer-Company relations are subject to the detailed terms and conditions written in this Agreement.
“Writer” is the person, who provides professional research and writing services under the terms of Company on a freelance basis.
“Order” is a request from Customer for a paid particular Product and/or service. Order can be made electronically or by telephone.
“Product” is a document in electronic format that is the final result of Order completion.
“Verification Process” is an abiding procedure required to confirm Customer’s billing identity and to prevent fraud.

3. General Information

3.1. Company offers services of qualified paper writing for reference purposes only. Consequently, it is understood that the Company does not provide a guarantee regarding academic grades of Customer as a conclusion or outcome of submission of Product to any scholastic establishment. The purpose for this Agreement is to provide Customer with a unique reference archive or identified administrations in accordance with the instructions from Customer. Everything given by Company has to be used for research or/and reference purposes only. Company does not likewise take responsibility for Customer’s inability to study the material secured by the Product or dishonorable utilization of examination held there.

3.2. This Company assures the safeness of Customer; Company agrees and undertakes that the Customer’s particular personal data or credit card information with any third party will never be resold or imparted. All the online operations are held through the safe and authentic online installment frameworks. This defends Customer from the risks of leakage of payment information. Company, on the other side, is not in charge of possible exposures of the charge card’s information.

3.3. When making Order and completing the order form Customer is asked to furnish his or her name, email address, street address, and telephone number. Company does not make use of this verified data for any reason except when Order confirmation is needed. All additional documents provided by Customer in order to pass the Verification Process are deleted from Company’s database immediately after this process is finished.

3.4. There is no direct contact between Customer and Writer to keep Client’s personal data safe and private. Customer can access a qualified Support Team 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Customer is urged not to provide any private or qualified information (for instance, Customer’s telephone number) in the process of communication with Company’s employees.

4. Process of making an order

4.1. Placing Order. Customer bears responsibility for adequacy of information (email address and telephone number in particular) he or she puts in Order form so that Company can contact Customer when needed. Otherwise the incorrect email address or the telephone number can influence whether or not Order is completed in proper time and is in violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. This may expedite confiscation of any case to the inferred guarantee by the Customer. Company does not start working on Order until Customer has passed Verification process and paid for the overall price of Product(s) or service(s). Company does not take the responsibility if Customer does not pay in time.

how to place an order

4.2. Requirements. Writers of Company are working dependently upon instructions from Customer. Consequently, the requirements must be clear and concrete. To the extent of inaccurate instructions Company does not satisfy any implicated guarantees. Any supplemental changes from the starting directions of Order are to be acknowledged as “editing.” Requirements and extra instructions must be transmitted as soon as Writer undertakes Customer’s Order. Failure to meet this necessity will be in violation of this Agreement.

4.3. Sources.  Writer can use any authoritative source (books, diaries, daily papers, meetings, online productions, etc) required for Order fulfillment unless Customer informs about particular sources that should be used or ignored. If Customer requires particular sources that are essential to perform Order, Company might ask Customer to provide Writer with the necessary time plan recorded beneath.

  • 12 hours – or less: Requirements and all sources must be passed within the first 20 minutes.
  • 12 hours – 24 hours: Requirements and all sources must be passed within the first 1 hour.
  • 48 hours – 10 days: Requirements and all sources must be passed within the first 8 hours.

Inability to meet the conditions will bring a violation of this Agreement and nullification of any case to the suggested warranties.

4.4. Meeting the Academic Level. If Customer selects the inappropriate scholarly or quality level either by mistake or otherwise, he or she takes all risks for such an error. It is only Customer’s sole responsibility to choose the needed academic level of Order. When Customer makes a mistake while sending Request, he or she must contact the Support Team urgently for help.

4.5. Messaging System. The Messaging System is a comprehensible, interactive and effective system to use. Customer can check messages for any upgrades from the Support Team or from Writer and send any concerns or additional instructions with the help of Messaging System. In respect that Customer may not know how to use the interactive feature, Customer is free to contact the Support Team at any time (24-h/7-day) and ask for help or guidelines.

4.6. Incorrect Order placing. Company reserves the right not to process or to resubmit Order if the details showed are conflicting or don’t match original items of Order. Inability to provide with the correct details or selecting the wrong Product, because of date, demands, or Writer level may need extra payment.

4.7. Order Progress Tracking.  Customer can stay in touch with the Support Team or Writer and track Order Progress with the help of Customer’s individual record on Website. The probable statuses of Order are:

Order is not paid – Order got enlisted in database of Company, but Customer can proceed Order with the payment so that Company could start working on it.

Research has started – Order is successfully paid and accessible for Writers at the appropriate level.

Arranging – Company has assigned Writer to Order.

Order is completed. You can download it – Product was delivered to Customer for the survey. Customer can download it from the Customer’s individual profile on Website.

Request is returned for correction – Writer revises Order according to Customer requirements.

Hold – the Order was put on Hold by the Support Team and Writer does not work on it for a time. Customer is recommended to check Private Messaging System or to contact the Support Team.

Canceled – the Order was canceled.

5. Satisfaction Guarantee

5.1. Company ensures that Product is unique and delivered in time. All Products have been checked with the help of the best anti-plagiarism programs to assure that essay writing product is 100% unique. Company has a zero tolerance approach towards plagiarism.

5.2. Company does not ensure that papers and other documents that are not composed or written by Company will be routinely examined or tested for possible presence of plagiarism. Company does not return any sum in case if a proofread/formatted paper or Product is recognized to be appropriated.

5.3. If Customer wants to cancel the request, the cancellation should be passed before Order is completed. Repayments and cancellations have to be expressed in written form with the help of the Messaging System or e-mailing the Support Team. In the case Customer was not satisfied with Product or Product arrived after the specified time-limits, Customer can request a partial or full refund.

5.4. If Customer believes that final Product was poorly written and wants sum return, he must provide undeniable reasons. Company reserves the right to charge for additional documentation that supports the request. In case the required materials were not provided, company may decline the request.

5.5. Company does not bear responsibility for the inability of Customer to learn the material that is included in Product or for incorrect usage of research in Product. No repayment shall be made by Company in case if Customer receives a poor grade.

5.6. Company maintains the right to reach Customers via mails regarding new services, specials and any information Company may consider to be useful for Customers.

5.7. By placing Request, Customer agrees to get alerts and messages from Company via SMS text message. Company does not take responsibility for any extra fees for Company SMS Alerts that may be charged against Customer by the mobile service carrier.

6. Authorized Use

Customer has the right to use and display the content of this Website, but only for Customer’s personal, non-commercial and statute-restricted use. Duplication, copy, sale, resale and any other forms of the reproducing, or other operations with any material, use, or access to this Website for any commercial goal are strictly forbidden.

7. Property Rights

The content, arrangement, organization, and design of Website belong to Aussie Essay Writer Website. Customer’s access or use of Company’s services does not imply acquiring any ownership of its content, arrangement, organization, or design. Any forms of content manipulations such as reproducing, duplication, copy, sale, resale, arrangement, organization, and design of this Website are strictly forbidden.